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Crewmembers International
Advertising Overview
Effective July 1, 1998

Home Page Sponsorship:

Banner advertising on main home page - full time (not rotated through with other ads)
        $100/month or $995/year.

Banner advertising on main home page - rotated in sequence with other ads
        $50/month or $495/year.

Crew Message Board Sponsorship - Text or banner advertising on the Crew Message Board of an airline, airlines or aviation service. $40/month, or $395 per year. Click here for more info.

Real Estate - Advertise your property on a full page for $100 (6 month run). More info

Airport Cars - $25 for 6 months, add a picture for $10 more. Info

Aircraft For Sale - $35 for a 6 month run, including picture. Info


All ads for the classifieds section are priced at $10 per month for up to 200 words. A picture may be included. We offer a 10% discount for ads booked for three or more months at a time. Book for a year at only $95. Minor changes to the ad may be made at any time. More info

MAKE SOME CASH! We offer a program for our advertisers which enables them to make some money referring new advertisers. Any new ad submitted via your referral will entitle you to a 10% commission on the fee for the new ad! And - whenever they renew, you will be paid again (as long as you are still an active advertiser with Crewmembers International).

Getting other people you know to advertise online with Crewmembers International can easily pay for your own advertising, and put some cash in your pocket!

Submission Guidelines for All Ads:

  • You may write your ad out by hand and mail it with a check for the correct amount.

  • You may electronically submit your ad on the form below. We will generate a confirmation form for you to mail in with your payment. We will accept credit cards in the near future.

If you have any uncertainty about the cost of your ad, submit it electronically and we will calculate the cost for you.

For all ads:

Make checks payable to Crewmembers International, and mail to:

Crewmembers International
100 W. Southlake Blvd #320-224
Southlake, TX USA 76092

Electronic ad submission form:


Street Address

City, State, Country, Zip


E-mail Address

Ad Category




Do you need us to calculate?

No     Yes
Referred by:
(if any)


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